the below sentence is true.

the above sentence is false.

Dat ‘stache. #moustache

¡Buenos naches!
We are Jose and Sanchez, the evil Mexican alter-egos of the men you know as Freddy and Liam.  Unfortunately your dearest friends are tied up in our cellar, drugged and naked.
If a ransom of one slab of beer and $50 taxi money is not paid by January 1st 2014, you shall never see your dear amigos again.
👨 ¡Adiós hijos de puta! 👨


Perched 200ft above the, in the Flinders Chase National Park, on the western side of Kangaroo Island, are a collection of enormous eroded granite boulders sitting atop a giant dome of lava, that has been shaped by the forces of wind, sea spray and rain over some 500 million years.


Alfredo Piola


“r u a top or a bottom”

what do you mean like bunk beds or mario kart or what 

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“L&R II” by MizEnScen